Twin Falls County, Idaho
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Twin Falls, Idaho


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The county is named for a split waterfall on the Snake River of the same name. The Snake River is the county's northern boundary. Shoshone Falls is a popular and historic stop for visitors to southern Idaho. Often referred to as the “Niagara of the West”, the waters of the Snake River cascade 212 feet down over the 900 ft. wide canyon rim to the river below, making Shoshone Falls 36 ft. higher than its majestic sister in upstate New York.

BASE jumping is an extreme sport that gained popularity around the late 1970's. The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho, is the only manmade structure in the U.S. where BASE jumping is allowed year-round without a permit. 486 feet high, it is the popular destination for BASE jumping enthusiasts from around the world.

Balanced Rock is located 17 miles west of Buhl, ID near the town of Castleford. This geographic anomaly is 40 feet high, shaped like a camel's head, and balances on a teeny tiny perch measuring just a few feet across. There's also Balanced Rock Park 1 mile away where you can picnic by the creek, barbeque, play or hike.

The City of Rocks, near Almo, Idaho, is a National reserve filled with two billion plus year old granite rock formations shaped as monoliths and pinnacles that tower stories-high above the ground. With its hundreds of climbing and hiking trails, the mountain biking community has adopted the reserve as an iconic riding playground.

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